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3 Easy Ways to Keep your Child Engaged in their Instrument

Giving your child the opportunity to learn music is something special that they will have with them for their entire life. As all of us know, learning an instrument isn’t easy and requires many years to develop the skills to learn how to play. Even for some of the most highly-driven working professionals in music, the constant routine of practice can impact everyone. We have put together three easy ways to help keep your child having fun, staying motivated, and growing on their instrument.

1. Adjusting Practice Goals

Setting practice goals and having structure for practice time spent on an instrument is very important. Keeping the goals flexible but holding onto the accountability of practice is an important balance to have. The main thing to note is that some practices can be longer or shorter certain days, along with practice days being switched if needed. Having the flexibility for practice time is huge and finding this balance will only enhance the progress your child is making.

2. Apps/Games

There are many music-based apps and games available for your child. Whether this would be something you participate in with your child or use it as a supplement for homework in the week, this is a fun and accessible way for your child to stay connected to music. One huge advantage with this especially for young beginners is that it re-introduces musical terms, signs, and concepts; which in turn will make learning music easier.

3. Weekly Reward/Goal

Arranging a weekly goal is a great incentive to keep students motivated. This could be something simple as cooking your child’s favorite meal or seeing a movie they like. Setting up small rewards can be great motivation for young students to not only create goals, but achieve them through a constructive outlet of learning an instrument.

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