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Is your Child Ready to Start Music Lessons?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Music is a wonderful new adventure that children are immediately drawn too. From a young age, children hear many amazing sounds such as birds tweeting, raindrops falling, or the voices of their loved ones. Music is around us every day, so there’s no surprise that children gravitate towards musical instruments. For parents, the big question is how will you know when your child is ready to start music lessons?

There are a wide variety of music classes children can take from 6 months to 5 years old. Finding classes that include movement, music, echoing and sequencing provides a strong foundation for studies they may explore later on. There are classes where parents can participate and learn alongside their children. Being active with your child, having fun and encouraging curiosity is a great way to motivate their interests. These classes are an essential building block for private music lessons.

Children need to have fun. Every child should enjoy their music adventure. When your student is ready for music lessons, a teacher will evaluate a few areas to make sure your child is ready for private lessons. This includes Finger Dexterity, Sequencing with Numbers and Letters, Colors, Rhythms, and High/Low tones. Most importantly, the teacher will look to see if they are excited to start their music adventure.

Music provides an amazing opportunity to create, perform, understand concepts, and connect with other people. All young children need to be inspired by music. As parents, we can guide our children towards the limitless opportunities that music holds.

Tips parents can do at home:

1. Do counting exercises up to 10

2. Learn the Alphabet and challenge your child to write it

3. Improve Finger Dexterity. Have your child play with blocks, puzzles or Legos

4. Celebrate Music. Listen to a wide variety of music while cooking dinner or in the car. Sing along and ask your child what they liked about the song. Maybe it was an instrument, a rhythm, a melody. Help them identify their interests.

5. Download an App with a piano or drum kit. Encourage exploration and creativity.

-ILS Music Staff

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